Fit PC—A SUPER Tiny Linux PC that Fits Anywhere - Great for game mods?

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Bill Loguidice
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Very, very cool:,1697,2194852,00.asp

If I were remotely handy, this would be awesome for making a small tabletop emulation machine. I'd love to see the uses for this that people come up with...

Mark Vergeer
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but emulating what Bill?

Part of the review states "...Some Flash-intensive web sites rendered slowly, but most web browsing seemed no worse than running on an older laptop with integrated graphics. We also loaded up OpenOffice apps to check them out. After we had six windows (and six apps) running, the system definitely became sluggish—this is not a strong multitasking system....".
I actually doubt this baby would run any of the current 8,16,32bit console/system emulators to any satisfactory level. Cool general purpose machine nevertheless.

I am also quite looking forward to Asus EEE Pc's also a very small - 7" screen - form factor laptop range of systems that is about to come out. Probably with similar specs and similar performance to this Fit-PC device. ;)

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