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BL: Welcome to yakumo9275's (Stu) ongoing "Gates of Delirium Live" recounting of his play through this obscure Computer Role Playing Game for the Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer, released in 1987 from Diecom. Post 7:

How to make a dungeon twice as long? Imagine all dungeons being say 32x32 in size, and having say oh 8 levels. Take each level, and put an obstruction all the way down the middle.

Now instead of 8 down, 8 back up, you have 16 down and 16 back up!! Argh. That might not make much sense since its still the same size, but it feels oh so twice as long!

As is my life in Gates of Delirium, not content to just make you go down and back up 8 levels for 8 dungeons, no, every dungeon so far is having a completely different layout.

Based on what I can see for the locks I had in a previous screen shot, I need 8 keys to win the game, which would indicate 8 dungeons. Only I have not found all 8 dungeons yet. I've managed to find about 4 in total, which leaves me scratching my head with 4 other dungeons. One I think is whats 'between' the two versions of Twin City but I didn't find a key on my way up or my way down. Sigh. If thats correct I have to do some serious searching of another 32 levels.

Ive ventured forth in several with no luck, no I didn't die, I rebooted out of frustration. Multiple ups and downs on the same levels, really big sprawling levels.

Here is where the variety is, the meat of the game play. Its not in the towns, or finding clues, the real challenge is navigating the dungeons.

I was expecting a walk in the park after I completed the first dungeon, but things have gone seriously uphill in the complexity scale.

These designs would be hard without monster encounters, let alone trying to run back and forth several times with infinantly spawning monsters and getting poisoned.

The worst offender is manipulating the dungeon design and not being able to un-do it.

Yes, its completely possible and very very very easy to make the game un-winnable by visiting an easy to get to dungeon and making about oh 5 steps inside it.

This is the epitome of poor game design, worse, you could play through the entire game and only at the end realise _thats_ what has happened.

Once I crack this nasty dungeon, I'll document step by step how to proceed through it.

For anyone else playing along, if you find yourself on the southern landmass, don't enter any dungeons, lest ye be warned!

One positive, torches last a long time in this game. At least there is one thing on the side of the player.

Sorry for the lack of screen shots, but there has been no real progress this time. I do have 3 dungeons to try and conquer and some others to find before I run out of patience.

I have also resorted to the cheat mode to remove the poison status whenever I get poisoned. Its just too dang hard without it, it has become a game of attrition now.


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Ultima 7 was regarded as the best by many Ultima fans
Mark Vergeer wrote:

But the rest of your remark is interesting, why would you say that Ultima 7 is the best Ultima game ever created? You've made us curious.

If I recall correctly, Mr. Barton in both the "Vintage Games" and "Dungeons & Desktops" books claimed that Ultima 7 was regarded as the best of the series by most critics and Ultima fans.

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