Gates of Delirium Live - Post 6

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BL: Welcome to yakumo9275's (Stu) ongoing "Gates of Delirium Live" recounting of his play through this obscure Computer Role Playing Game for the Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer, released in 1987 from Diecom. Post 6:

I exit Twin City I and a few moon gates later I end up on and island with a town in the north, Grande.

Inside the prison I unlock the door and Sheena joins my party, an FDFG, Female Dwarf Fighter.

A priest tells me to 'Use HORNS to escape'.

Leaving town I jump around on on the Lunar Gate express and wind up on the main continent, crossing a swamp thats hitting me large amounts of HP, but not poisoning me.

I found 'Tradetown' in the southern eastern mountains, its a forest town with a couple of places. Nothing major. Four priests in a cross with one in the center, a few shops. No guards! I stole all the chests in the shops.
Gates of Delirium - PriestsGates of Delirium - Priests

I walked across the lava and the priest told me to 'Push the walls'.
Gates of Delirium - Lava ManGates of Delirium - Lava Man
This is the second clue about walking through walls I've had.

Exploring south, I found a dungeon, so what the hey, I go in.
Gates of Delirium - Lava DungeonGates of Delirium - Lava Dungeon
(You can see, just like Ultima III you can use chests to block monsters. Also this dungeon walkup reminded me of the dungeon near the start of Ultima III, The Fires of Hell..

Its 8 levels, much like the first 8 going down in Twin City I, and at the bottom I find a house of demons! ooooh!
Gates of Delirium - House of DemonsGates of Delirium - House of Demons

I blew away the guys in the door and used a horn to stop all the rest, ran up and grabbed the gate key and made good my escape.
Gates of Delirium - My First KeyGates of Delirium - My First Key

One thing threw me for a very long time, a chest on top of a ladder, obscuring it. AAARGH!!!

I made it out of with my first dungeon key!


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Wow, that's some serious numbers of chests in the Demon House... I suppose the fact you'd have to de-trap and de-poison makes it not worth getting them?

Glad to see you're making progress. Have to admit, the dungeons do look a lot more intriguing than the towns.

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Yeah a lot of chests. Quite a few rooms in the dungeons have chests, its just too risky to open them casting the remove traps spells and waste my MP.

What I should have done at the demon house was run to the side and drag all the monsters away from the door (they are all magic casting ones) and use a horn to freeze them, open the door and make a run to the key and back out.

There are a few fountains around as well but again, its far too risky to check because you can get poisoned from them.

I have also worked out what the 'push walls' clue is about. :( oh man. Can we say torture?? Because the game writes data back to disk I had to 'reset' the coco3 a few times, its REALLY wearing my patience, so I'm trying to find other dungeons to tackle. They are a pain, multiple ups and downs on the same level, and real 'maze'like. Right now I've given up on one dungeon and I'm trying another. Some walls you can push if they have a space behind them, but I keep blocking myself in all the time, its very frustrating and a case of super trial and error and this is _right_ when you enter it!!!

This is what appears to be the 'meat' of the game and I'm this close " {pincehs fingers} to looking at the maps that come with the archive, these dungeons are starting to get _hard_ to navigate, that or I have gone from the easiest to the hardest dungeon....

-- Stu --

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Sounds like a trial of patience indeed. Maybe a dungeon closer to Casa and Ghost Town would be easier?

I was looking over my Ultima III walkthroughs and strategy guide (I have the original hint book), and it's interesting to consider how unbelievably crappy the dungeons would be if you didn't have them. It would take FOREVER to explore the places, and most of it's just not worth the time investment.

Concerning the fountains, wouldn't it be possible to save your game, taste the fountain, and restore if it's poisoned? I know some would call that cheating, but frankly, every Ultima up to 5 kinda expected you to use this tactic. Seems like if you could find a fountain that heals/cures in one dungeon, it would make clearing the place a lot less frustrating.

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