CP/M Information to Check Out - Gary Kildall, History, etc.

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Bill Loguidice
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Herb Johnson dropped me a note, which I'll reproduce here:

Bill, found your VCF East 4.0 press release of Tue, 06/05/2007 on your blog. Thanks for the mention of my CP/M talk "30 years of CP/M", a history of Dr. Gary Kildall and how CP/M came to be. In early 2007, I got tired of reading about the "25th anniversary of IBM PC" without any mention of CP/M or Kildall except as "losers to Microsoft". So I put together a talk to show the critical importance of CP/M, and how it was developed by Kildall and his colleagues in the 1970's.

A link to my Web site on this subject is below. It links to the text outline of my talk, including my embedded links to images of CP/M documents, early ads, and magazine columns and articles. There are links to my other Web pages on early Kildall and CP/M history and background, including material not generally known or discussed. Of course it's a work in progress.


Herb Johnson
"Dr. S-100"

Goodness knows there's enough inaccuracy out there in regards to the history of CP/M, so this is useful stuff...