Wizard's Crown Chronicles (01) - The Setup Part II

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(See The premise at the end of this posting for details on this ongoing feature)
With most of the setup behind us, with the two prior features, (00) and the unnumbered preparation, it's time to provide the last of the build-up before the actual feature starts to unfold. I have scanned the complete box and complete manual. Go to the set, here. First the box is presented (all sides), then the rather long manual, then the rest of the photos as the chronicles continue. You can view this as a slideshow or click on the individual photos to get high resolution imaging options. Enjoy!


The premise
Having seen and enjoyed other blogs/recountings of personal experiences in chronicling the regular goings on while playing computer or videogame RPGs, I decided to present my own take on the concept. More than a simple review or type of "fan fiction", this is an ongoing series of features told in both traditional review and story formats concurrently (and as visually as possible, perhaps even with some video). Whether the experiment is ultimately a success or not won't be determined until the game is completed and the last blog entry written, when I'll compile each piece into separate features (likely smoothing a few things out and making proper transitions). I may even change styles and formats along the way if I see the need or get feedback to that effect. As with my other ongoing series here on Armchair Arcade, this will not be a regularly scheduled event, but I'll try to make it as consistent as possible. Regardless, there's always a good reason to keep checking Armchair Arcade daily for something new!


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Great scans! Easily the best I've seen for this game.
Thanks for providing them in high res, too!

take care,


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