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I was wondering if users could post links to rare collections.

We have this Scott Adams classic that bill dug up the other day;

This rare SSI Gold Box collection used to be mine (I donated it to the mobygames founder circa 2000/2001, and he since sold it on ebay, I feel an ass for not keeping it but ohwell, on a side note the box was massive, too big to fit on an A4 scanner).

I dont count the Lost Treasures of infocom, not rare enough, same for the Ultima Trilogy 1+2.
I discount the Phantasie Bonus Edition (since it packs questron ii in the absence of phantasie II on the PC), plus its wizardworks shovelware.

Anyone got any pointers to other classic rare collections pointers/info on the web (Im not looking for auctions, but info!)

Id consider the Legend collection rare enough (Ive seen more Mint Ultima II+III copies on ebay in the last week compared to the number of legend collections I've seen this year...)...

I also find it a bit suspicious the number of near mint U2 + U3 copies that seem to show up on ebay lately for outrages prices. Kids just didnt buy copies of Ultima II back then and go 'Golly gee, lets save this in the back of the cupboard, its going to be worth something!' at the same time, it doesnt make sense to produce a pirated version and only sprodacially release 1 or 2 copies, since it doesnt pay... anyway... mad musings from mad man.....

Plenty of pirate 'ultima collection' cd's around but complete inbox mint ones are rare which is odd considering its not 'old'.

Id be curious to stuff like the original Melbourne House Tolkien Collection, CRL's Terror Trilogy, etc I doubt they saw massive print runs.

So What other classic collections do people have hidden away that only saw release in deepest darkest Romania??

Bill Loguidice
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Collection hindsight is 20/20

I can't believe that Moby guy sold what you donated. He shouldn't have a right to. I have never been a fan of Moby Games myself, finding it only occasionally useful, but I know I'm in the minority.

Sadly, I tore apart (basically tossed the box) several collection sets that are quite valuable complete now. All I have still complete are the big box Half-Life 2 Collector's Edition, Star Trek: Judgment Rites Collector's Edition, Star Trek The Next Generation A Final Unity Collector's Edition Series I, Civ III Collector's tin, Civilization Chronicles and both Star Saga's (not collector's editions, but very coveted). The rest of my software rarities are the usual Infocom, SSI, Avalon Hill and Origin stuff. In short, in total, nothing particularly outstanding complete. I have that TSR set, Interplay set, Ultima set, Leisure Suit Larry set, etc., but again, no boxes anymore...

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