Joe Gunn - New Commodore 64 (C-64) Platformer

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Bill Loguidice
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I won't get a chance to try this one, but this new game looks very, very neat and I"d love to hear impressions/reviews from those who get to try it via their favorite C-64 transfer method or the next best choice of emulation... (in fact, how about a full blog post that we'll promote to the font page?)

Update - Here's the dev's Web page (talented guy):

Mark Vergeer
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both options woked - Vice and the c64 SD interface

Anybody up for a nice review of the game?

This is very easy to get up and running. I tried out two options to get the game working - it is running perfectly in Vice (and Power64 on the Mac) as on a real PAL c64 with the SD card interface.

Only tried out the first couple of screens, it has nice platform action with a clever use of items that works very intuitive. The game sprites are a little on the small side but that allows a nice overview of the screen. Personally I wouldn't mind a scrolling screen with bigger characters and an option to look around the screen. But with the c64 only having one joystick this will not be a feature easily used from the joystick/gamepad.
Anybody who has access to an emulator or real c64 should try this out.

There is a whole Wiki Page devoted to the game.

So who is up for a full review?
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