1541-III sd cards

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Anyone got one of these? I found the link surfing the minimig site (here http://jderogee.tripod.com/ ). Its apparently emulates a 1541-II but uses SD cards, but you can load raw .D64 images as real disks.

eg: LOAD”$filename.d64”,8

Apparently they are doing a new run in 2007 sometime...

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Brilliant! We'll need to keep an eye out for when he solves the issues and produces new ones. This is even better in some ways than the MMC64. Hopefully it's not overpriced and out of reach for me, like the recent SIO-2-USB Atari 8-bit solution was. The only major "flaw" I see is that it seems like it won't ever work with fastloaders, but perhaps an enterprising individual can come up with a nifty solution for that as well...

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Indeed, the guy who made the

Indeed, the guy who made the 1541-III made it possible to mimic the 1541 completely whilst not having a drive mechanism but a soft/hardware solution that works with sd cards and d64 images!
I plan on getting one for my c64!

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