Amazing Mattel Intellivision ROM Package Released on microSD - Optimized for the Cuttle Cart 3

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CC3 Package MenuCC3 Package MenuAs many of you know, Chad Schell's Cuttle Cart 3 for the Intellivision was recently released and was a boon to enthusiasts who wanted a ROM flash cart/development environment for Mattel's system. The one "downside" to the Cuttle Cart 3 was that you needed to set up your own menus, manuals and ROMs for use with the miniSD card. Obviously, one solution is to get the official ROM releases from Intellivision Productions, but it still requires a lot of setup work and is not all-inclusive (support them and their products anyway!). An even better solution - an addition to everything else you might want to do with the Cuttle Cart 3 or Intellivision emulation in general if you will - is get David Harley's new release, which includes ROMs that have never been seen before and a variety of patched software (for instance, the amazing Ehanced Computer System (ECS)-based World Series Major League Baseball is fully functional now!).

From David's e-mail:
If you have a CC3, you know the time it takes to load the ROMs and set it up. To make your life easier, I have prepared a package so all you need to do is insert the microSD card. It gets NO easier than this!!

The package includes:
- 195 ROMs; some that have NEVER been released before this
- Correctly formated manuals for EVERY rom
- a microSD card
- All Colecovision ROMs patched to work on the Intellivision 2.
- A well laid out menu.

Please visit:

for more information.

Thank you,

And David on one of the versions of World Series Major League Baseball included in the deluxe package: "Being a big fan of the game, you will enjoy even more the "real names" version. Not only does it have all the real baseball player names, it has an additional screen sequence where the pitcher runs out to the mound instead of just appearing there."

David, among many other things, is known as one of the programmers on the Samegame & Robots homebrew and was key to adding voice support to the game. He was also a founder of current homebrew publisher Intelligentvision.

In any case, you can see that there are two versions of David's CC3 package available, one for $20 and one for $50. While the price differential is substantial, true Intellivision fans will go for the higher priced package since that has some intriguing patched and exclusive ROMs. I already ordered mine...