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Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows the racing game on the Amiga I am thinking of. I don't know the name but I remember playing it years ago..

It was a racing game(obviously) and you raced against many different CPU players. I think one was named Roger, he had a bald head lol, but thats one of the things I remember about this game but I cant think of the name..

One other thing I remember when the game was loading, there was a picture of a fox, I think this was a company logo but not sure..

Can anyone help me?

Matt Barton
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The easiest route is to go to Amiga Forever and buy their emulation program. Otherwise, you can find your own copy of WIN-UAE, but you'll need the Amiga's kickstart ROMS to do anything with it. It's possible to take these from your old system disks, or you can go the illegal route and download them from the net somewhere. Obviously, we can't publicly support that option! Besides, it's always risky, because the sort of sight that would host them is also the sort of sight that'd load you up with viruses and spyware. :-(

Pieman (not verified)
Thats the one. thank you

Thats the one. thank you

Also, is there a working emulator for the PC for this game?

Bill Loguidice
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Was it one of the Crazy Cars games? The company you're thinking of was Titus. They had a fox head logo.

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