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I'm a musician and huge fan of atari, intellivision, etc. I am only recently aware that new games are being created and put into "homebrew" cartridges. I cant think of anything greater!!! I would love to do the music for a game, if not for many, but am unsure of what I need to know in order to do it. Does the audio need to be converted, degraded, etc? Does it need to be created with certain types of programs? Will I essentially need to know how to program a game to know how to program the audio? Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.


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Sid Music

I don't know very much about making music for cartridge games, but there is a big scene for Commodore 64 music (sidtunes) and "chiptunes" in general. I'd recommend checking out the following sites: Pretty cool Amiga interface. Good site, plus a link here to a relevant thread.

Vorc: Another thread of interest.


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