What's up with those "POINTS?"

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Matt Barton
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Thank you for asking. ;-)

Okay, here's how it works. You get 5 points for a blog entry, 3 points for starting a new topic in the forums, and 1 point for each comment. The admins can also award extra points as they see fit.

Why have something like this?? Well, I think it's great for letting us recognize folks who are really active. We love to see lots of blog comments and forum actvities, so hopefully the desire to be on the frontpage and listed as an "ELITE MEMBER" will light a fire under your butt.

However, please don't think that you can quickly make a bunch of "FIRST POST!!" type comments and get boosted. We all keep an eye on this site and definitely won't let that kind of childish stuff go on. Remember, admins can also take away points as they see fit.

Let's not worry about that, though. Let's get to commenting and posting!

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