My Status

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Bill recently posted about his status, so I thought I'd do the same. Cecil and I have been working on the site, trying to work out the few remaining bugs and get things up to snuff on a systems-level. Drupal just released the official 4.7, and Cecil is working on updating the site to the new specs. Hopefully, this update will fix the annoying double log in nonsense.

Meanwhile, this is my last week of school, so I will soon have plenty of free time to work on everyone's ideas for improving the look of the site. What I want to do first is really bear down and make sure I thoroughly understand the CSS and PHPTEMPLATE system. I'm tired of tinkering with it; I want to understand it. Afterwards, I intend to work on some new templates (and I'll be passing on requests for graphics and such as I find a need for them) to the team. When I've got all these finalized, perhaps we can select the very best one for the default (but, heck, if the others are good, we could always leave them available as options).

Once we get all the aesthetics right, I hope to draft a design document that we can all follow in posting stuff (I'd like for us to be as uniform as possible when posting things).