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Greetings, everyone. Now that we've officially entered the summer doldrums, I'm hoping that we can give the ol' Armchair a kick and get more people involved in our little community here. I doubt you'll find a group anywhere that has more interest and knowledge of classic computers and videogames, so there's plenty for us to talk about! What I'm thinking, though, is that it may be time to give folks a chance to introduce themselves, talk about their interests, and just try to get to know each other a little better. Let's swap stories!

That's why I'm making this post. The idea is for YOU to use the "comment" feature here to tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you live? What game or computer systems do you own? What do you enjoy most about classic systems or games? What drew you here in the first place?

Let's try to get some conversation started and give everyone a chance to speak up and be noticed. We're really glad to have you on our site, but let's get better acquainted!

As for me, my interest in computers began at a very early age (I'm thinking 3 or 4 years old) when my dad brought home a Vic-20. I enjoyed playing games like Lunar Lander and Gorf. Then we upgraded to a Commodore 64, and I remember loading in games like Forbidden Forest on a cassette tape before we purchased the awesome 1541. We played so many games that it'd be silly to list them all, but I loved Elite, MULE, Archon, and so many others. Eventually I got interested in the Bard's Tale series, and later SSI's famous goldbox games (Pool of Radiance, etc.) Awesome stuff.

Eventually we migrated to the Amiga 1000, which at the time was nothing short of a modern marvel. Ah, the memories of playing Defender of the Crown, Mindwalker, Ports of Call, Syndicate...I don't see how anyone couldn't have liked the ol' 1000. The last Commodore machine I had was a 3000, which was powerful, but soon outmoded by the AGA chipset.

During college I eventually drifted into the PC/Windows world, and have been there ever since. I was playing games like Riven and Might & Magic 6. I've played too many games to list since then, but my favorites have always been CRPGs, adventure, and strategy games.

Just for kicks, I picked up a Dreamcast for $20 a few years ago and was greatly impressed with its versatility. I also bought a used PS1 so I could play the Tombraider games (awesome, btw). I've always loved the old arcade games, though, so I saved up for the dual X-Arcade and have enjoyed it immensely, though finding people to play classics like Joust and Bubble Bobble with can be a real challenge here in St Cloud, Minnesota!

Nowadays, I probably spend about as much time writing about classic computers and games than playing them, though I do try to take full advantage of my GameTap subscription. Lately, I've been trying to get through Deus Ex and "Tomb Raider Anniversary," which is a very cool remake of the first Tombraider game. I also play tons of adventure games, the latest being Zork: Grand Inquisitor (I'm not slowly wading through a terrible one named Beyond Atlantis.) I'm working on two books about gaming--one as co-author with Bill Loguidice about the history of computers and videogame systems, and my own about the history of CRPGs.

So, there's my story. Let's hear yours! Don't hold back!


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Uh...Okay, that was embarrassing.

All right, guys. I get it. Go back to lurking. :-(


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