Suggestions for best photo sharing site and other issues (all thoughts welcome!)

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Bill Loguidice
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Hey all. I thought I would tap in on the expertise on here rather than worry about doing the research myself and potentially choosing the wrong photo sharing service. I have a bunch of photos from VCF East that I want to post at full resolution so you can see all the details, and I don't want to overload our server with them. Same goes for when I document my revised collection shortly. I'd like to easily link to it from within a blog post here on Armchair Arcade with minimal fuss and no further action required by the clicker (like registration). Any thoughts?

By the way, we're all aware of the nifty embedding features of "You Tube". Anything like that for Audio? (I recorded the lecture portion with the original Commodore engineers there, though I have yet to check the viability of the audio capturee) What about photos? Thanks a million and I can't wait to share the photos!

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I use dotPhoto and flickr.

I use dotPhoto and flickr.

Matt Barton
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Bill, the site I prefer is flickr. It has the best interface of any I've found. I'm sure there are many others. It's one of those "killer apps" of the net in my opinion. Heck, I can even take a pic on my phone and instantly have it on flickr. I know there's a way to uses iTunes to share podcasts, though I haven't personally checked that out. Perhaps Mat T. would know better on this one.


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