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Today I have a little treat for Amiga fans--100 Amiga Games in 10 Minutes by Laffer 35. Laffer has put together clips of 100 different Amiga games based on the top 100 list at Lemon Amiga. As Laffer suggests, if you don't like the techno soundtrack, feel free to play whatever you want in the background (preferably some classic Amiga mods or chiptunes!!) BTW, see the link above for the list of games used in the clip below. How many of these games do you remember?

NOTE: Link has been fixed. Now the music is 100% better! Don't you dare not listen to it. ;-P


Matt Barton
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So, what are you top 100

So, what are you top 100 favorite Amiga games, clok1966? I'm assuming you played that many. ;)

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I must admit I wouldnt change

I must admit I wouldnt change to many. They had some of my true favorites on that list for sure.. and when you talk about 100 games.

Torvok was one of the first platformers i played on the AMIGA (that wasnt shdow of the beast).. it was one of CORE's first games (chuck rocks and a ton of toher great AMIGA games) its sorta all but forgotten now. Think Rastan (but smaller graphics and much more playable).
Shadow of the Beast- i might not have this one on my list, it was awsome to look at.. but it was brutal and quite honestly not that good of game.
Apyida- the bug shooter.. one of the TRUE great shooters of the amiga along with Project X, Agony and Battle Squadron (all on the list)
WALKER- one of the last Psygnosis games.. a giant mech side scroller shoot um up.. made in 93, ABUSE a side scroller used the same controls to much aclaim in 96 (3 years later)
Corporation- A 3d game released in 90, 3 years before Wolfinstien.. while not as free flowing as wolf, its a 3D shooter in broad sence. VERY hard, but rewarding.
GODS- i would put in one of the top 5 platformers.. and not on the 100 list :(
Targhan- side scroller (barbarian/Shadow of the beast sytle) game with awsome grpahics for its day. many point to its color palete as the insperation for Quake/doom as it came out years before those and had the "drab" as people call it palete. Im sure its not the insperation but its one of the first game to look like that (this company also made a game called Metal Mutants that was quite fun too).
Supremacy(or OVERLORD on other systems) one of the first stratagy games I truly loved. easy to play, hard to master.
Waxworks and Elvira(yes that elvira)- a pretty good EOB/Dungeon Master type RPG's

there are so many.. I loved that amiga.. again i think it gets back to the right computer, the right games at the right time.. (when i say time I mean my age)..

ehhe there was nothing wrong with that top 100 at all.. just seen a few I loved not in it.

Mark Vergeer
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Great collage

This remains a great collage and I must say I look forward to revisiting many of these old classics myself as my Amiga collection will be taken out of the loft and into my study/ gameroom.


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