History of Ghostbusters for the C-64

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I can't believe I missed this great article at Next Generation: The Making of Ghostbusters for the C-64. For those of you who haven't played this classic, shame on you--go out and experience what many critics (including this one) take as one of the best, if not the best, ever licensed title ever. Considering that the development team hadn't even seen the movie (at least until the last stages), it's really amazing that this game turned out so well. After all, it would have been so easy to make a cheesy shooter or platform game out of it; anything but a business sim!

Words of wisdom from David Crane:

"The best strategy is to design an original game that would stand alone even without the licence. Our original theory was that a licensed game should be a great game first, and a licensed game second."

If only more developers had this kind of vision!

BTW, I have to admit I'm rather partial to both game and movie (I just bought the DVD a few weeks ago and watched it again after some six or seven years. It's still great.) I also had the strange experience of playing the game before seeing the movie (my parents prevented me from seeing any movies rated above "G"). So, naturally I was shocked when I finally saw the movie that the Ghostbusters never sucked down any ghosts with their car!


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Yeah, I remember playing Ghostbusters on our friend's C64 back in the 80's. A superb game. I can still hear the music in my head...

The one annoying part was the end of the game, when you would have the possibility of the Marshmallow Giant spawning. You had to move VERY fast to stop him, otherwise he would demolish a city block, costing you $10,000 in damages. If you defeated him, you got $2,000 as a reward. Rather unbalanced. I think that's what their "end game" design was, so that eventually you would lose the game.

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A similar article was on either Edge or Games-tm magazine

A similar article was on either Edge, Retrogamer or Games-tm magazine

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