Destructoid Interviews Co-Owner of Retro-Arcade Ground Kontrol

Ground Kontrol Bar: The bar Ground Kontrol also features a smattering of retro consoles for sale.Ground Kontrol Bar: The bar Ground Kontrol also features a smattering of retro consoles for sale.

Somewhat goofy gaming blog Destructoid recently featured an article on a great retro-arcade in Portland, Oregon called Ground Kontrol. The interview with Anthony Ramos, the co-owner, is brief, but makes a good point-- is having a retro-arcade/bar combination the best way for the next generation of arcades to live on?

Since I live in Portland, Ground Kontrol is not too far from me. It's a lot of fun and pretty cheap-- I think all the games are either 25 or 50 cents to play. They feature titles as old as Asteroids or Tron and have a 2nd floor full of pinball games ranging from a simplistic Star Trek board from the 70's to a ultra-complicated Lords of the Rings pinball table. Well worth the visit if anyone stops by in Portland.

I have been to a Dave and Buster's before, which is a chain that combines a casual dining restaurant, bar, and over-priced modern arcade games. Ground Kontrol is better because is has a kind of seedy feeling that all good arcades should have. Dave and Buster's, by comparison, feels to glossy.

Any thoughts on the article?

Ground Kontrol: The Evolution of the Traditional Arcade (Now with Booze and Sex) -- Destructoid


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Wow great joint!

Wow, that looks like a great place. This will just never be happening in the Netherlands as here Arcades just never were that big, nor will such a franchise be economically viable over here. I've this place noted down for whenever I visit Portland.

Booze and Sex combined with video games does sound a little off though, I bet with the slowed down reflexes of of 20'something, 30'something or even 40'something brain combined with liquor AND sex those high scores will be laughable when you compare them to the ones you hit when you were a (pre)teen. ;)

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