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UPDATE: Dungeons and Desktops is now available from Amazon and many other booksellers! Buy your copy today!

Good news! The publisher A K Peters has accepted my proposal for my upcoming book about the Computer Role Playing Game. We're still in talks about the title (though leaning towards "Dungeons and Desktops" with Mat's permission), but if anyone has any good ideas, let me know. At any rate, I should be able to expand the coverage considerably and go into much more detail (we're tentatively capping it at 200 pages).

I'm about to start reviewing all the great criticism I received here and elsewhere to help work out the kinks in the previous articles, then think about how I want to start expanding. Please let me know if there are any special games you'd like me to think about. I also hope that you'll share some of your stories with me about your own experiences with this genre. What are your favorite CRPGs, and why? What was your first experience? Did you play D&D first? Who knows, I might quote you in my book!

Obviously, I'm looking forward to writing this book and excited about the future. Games are finally starting to get the attention they deserve! Kudos to A.K. Peters!


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Deathlord - Apple II

I have a boxed copy (EA album style) for the Apple II, so I have a "live" copy if Matt or anyone else needs anything for reference. The graphics on the package look very late generation for an Apple II game, which is a big plus on that platform. I have yet to give it a play, though.

yakumo9275 wrote:

a belated post, have you got Death Lord in your book? Ever play Death Lord? it was an apple II only game and apparently 'da-bomb' and very hard. Andrew Shultz did a big review some years back on gamefaqs for it...
-- Stu --

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