More Great New Complete ColecoVision Homebrew Cartridge Releases!

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Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels 2: ColecoVision screenshotSearch for the Stolen Crown Jewels 2: ColecoVision screenshotCheck out the following announcement from the ColecoVision Programming Yahoo Group... I already ordered my own copy of "Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels 2" for the ColecoVision:

Good News!
Two NEW Colecovision games are about to be released through! 'Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels 2' - the sequel to Philipp Klaus Krause's original- plus his Colecovision port of 'Monster Masher' are available for pre-order! Both are complete productions, with cartridge, label, instructions & box.

The exclusive 'Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels 2' contains a 2-color cartridge & secret "Easter Egg" code to be released after orders are filled. It picks up where the original
left off, but Philipp created unique new levels rather than "recycling" the original game.

'Monster Masher' is a Boulder Dash type game that was also programmed by Philipp and will be available through at the same time.

Finally, we've received a small shipment of the remaining original cartridges, 'Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels' and 'Schlange CV'. So, if you missed it the first time around or you're interested in
obtaining another copy, we have a few left.

All games are $35 each, and postage is $5.50 ($8 to Canada) -no matter how many you buy. BUY buttons on the site are linked to individual games, but if you wish to get one of each or multiples,
just state the specific quantities in your Paypal comments. If you make multiple pre-order payments, don't worry, you'll be refunded all postage except the $5.50 (or $8, if in Canada).

Everything is expected to ship mid-April.