Update from Steve Fulton

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Steve Fulton, who did a large and excellent feature for our Issue 7, Atari: The Lost Years of the Coin-Op, 1971 - 1975 (apologies for the formatting issues due to a now defunct style-sheet), has sent along the following note, which I thought was worth sharing with all of our readers:


I don't know if you recall this, but I wrote a piece for you about 2 years
ago called "Atari:The Lost Years Of The Coin Op".
At about the same time I posted on your forums about a game I had created
for HotWheels.com called "Track Mod".

After that, I pretty much disappeared. I've still been a fan of your
site, and I check it regularly. While I was on "hiatus" my brother and I
started our own "Casual Games" (I hate that term) development company
named "8-Bit Rocket" (http://www.8bitrocket.com). The site is dedicated
to "Garage Coders" and has a blog about writing games in your spare time,
as well as bunch of finished games (one that we wrote for the Atart ST
back in 1990 called Zamboozal Poker Dice). We also have a "Work In
Progress Section" that includes a bunch of games we are currently working
on, unfinished ideas, etc. We also have "Wii" browser support for the
games that are appropriate for that platform. Our latest game is an
Asteroids-inspired shoot-em-up named "Retro Blaster". It's filled with
references and homages to classic games of old. If you care to see it,
it is here:
http://www.8bitrocket.com/games/retroblaster/retroblaster.aspx. Also, if
you are interested in writing, I am keeping a blog on the "about" section
that chronicles how how brother and I grew up with classic games and
moved into making them. You can see that here:

By the way, I have added your site to the "Site Roll" on every page
because it is one of my favorites.

Anyway, thanks,

Steve Fulton