Runaway - The Dream of the Turtle

It seems like classic graphical adventure games on the PC are making a comeback. One in particular called Runaway - The Dream of the Turtle is keeping the tradition of the comedic narrative and hand-drawn animated look typical of adventure games produced by Sierra, LucasArts, and other studios in the early 1990s. Although the game makes heavy use of cell shading, the game uses fixed angles and beautifully hand-drawn animated backdrops done in high resolution.

It seems that there are two games in the series, one released in 2003, and the other (above) which has just been released. Both games are available as digital downloads through the game's website. It's rather unfortunate I missed the first game in the series, it seems that these types of games don't get a lot of publicity in many game media outlets.


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My Thoughts

I recently completed this game a few days ago, and was also impressed. It's got good animation, clever puzzles, and some witty dialog. However, some of the puzzles and counter-intuitive enough that I had to resort to online hints (at least 3 times!), and I was surprised that two of the characters (Joshua and Rutger) were pretty blatant racist stereotypes. Joshua is depicted as a bucktoothed Asian with corresponding accent, and Rutger (the lone African American in the game) is portrayed as a relentless druggie pot smoker. Surprisingly, the women are portrayed more positively, though all are very scantily clad (not necessarily a "bad" thing, since much of the action does take place near the beach).

As David's screenshot indicates, the game does borrow from the LucasArts games, particularly Monkey Island (to the point where the main character uses the name 'Brushian' in the above sequence). I'm assuming that's a reference to Guybrush Threepwood, the avatar in Monkey Island. Also, there are several references to the rubber chicken on a pulley.


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