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We've been talking here about how to streamline the comment features. Part of this problem seems to stem from the nature of blogs vs. forums. We're accustomed to talking with each other in a forum environment, and this is a bit different. Forums are typically arranged in "threads," with a leading topic and a chain of responses. Blogs are a different creature. Instead of "threads," I find it more useful to think of "comments." What's the difference? Well, imagine hearing a speaker, then hearing people go up and making comments to him about his presentation. These comments may not be related to each other; they may be connected only in that they concern the same speech.

Now, Drupal attempts to get around this by offering threaded comments. This is a sort of hybrid where you can reply to other comments, and then Drupal indents them to indicate what is a response to what. While this has its perks, I think it also makes things somewhat complicated. At any rate, having everything expanded makes for an untidy list of comments.

In short, blog comments don't work the same as forum topics. The solution is either to go ahead and start using the forum for these discussions, or get used to frequently making new blog posts rather than comments on existing blog posts.

I've tweaked a bit here with the comments. Notice that now there is a menu you can set to decide how you wish to view comments.


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Timeline and Outline for Neo

Thanks, though it doesn't seem like an ideal solution due to the unusual hierarchy of the comment structure (meaning placing newest at top and oldest on bottom doesn't place it that way necessarily, as I higher level comment still supercedes a lower level (indented) comment). Still, it's nice to have additional options.

We should come up with a timeline for when we want to accomplish stuff. Perhaps the first thing we should do is come up with an outline of what we think various menus should look like.
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