Cottonwood BBS - Now on Color 64! Last C-64 BBS in America?

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Cottonwood BBS Headquarters: C-64, multiple disk drives, CMD hard drive, etc.Cottonwood BBS Headquarters: C-64, multiple disk drives, CMD hard drive, etc.Thanks to The Vintage Computer forums for the heads-up via Andrew's (aka Balzabaar) posting on the Cottonwood BBS. Apparently Andrew still has set up what could quite possibly be the last active Commodore BBS in America and recently updated it Color 64 v7.37, which allows for very visual client displays with the right software on the person's computer who's dialing in. While according to Andrew's Website there's a way to access the site via PC, obviously this is designed for access with a real Commodore 64 (C-64) and either 300 or 1200 baud modem. The nice thing is that you can even download the terminal software directly from the Website (and get it to your real C-64 any of the typical ways).

I absolutely want to try this out, but I need to find out if I can use a regular classic dial-up modem over my VOIP telephone service, presently through Comcast. I hope I can, because obviously I have unlimited calling in North America, so the fact that this is a 951 (California) area code wouldn't matter one bit. If I find out, I'll post a comment. Have fun!


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I miss my commodore 128 with my 1541 , 1571 , 1581 and 2400 hayes modem and my color 64 bbs one day I will get it back up.

how are you getting the little mods for color 64 there was alot of cool ones.

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Cottonwood BBS update

Hi all! It's been a few years, but I just wanted to give a current update on the status of Cottonwood BBS.

It was down for a few years due to military obligations, but since the end of last November, it's been back up and running, and I fully intend to keep it up for many years to come. I'm still running on Color 64 software, but it's no longer set up as a dial-up BBS. Instead, it's accessible via Telnet at

If you're interested in a dial-up BBS, I have a second BBS online, running on All American BBS software, that's accessible "the old fashioned way". It's called Borderline BBS, and the number is 1-951-652-1690. It's running 24/7 at 300/1200 baud.

Both BBSs are running on real Commodore hardware. They're on identical Commodore 64c computers that are sitting side-by-side on the same desk.

So call one - or call both - for a truly 80s telecommunications experience! :)

Also, please note the new website address:

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