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Hello everybody from AA!!!

I've been away from the Forums for a good long time due to one game taking up "all" my time, all my energy, and pretty much my sanity!

The game is Chromehounds, by Sega and From Software for the Xbox 360.

My friends and I from work formed a squad and have been fighting against the online CPU AI and "human" players for over two and a half months now.

The game is squad-based, third-person shooter, with you as a "Chromehound" of various role types; Sniper, Scout, Soldier, Heavy Gunner, Defender and Tactics Commander.

There is a single-player training phase for each of the role types mentioned above. It is long and often times very hard. This prepares you for the online fighting.

You form a squad and meet online in the online lobby, for your squad. From here you can build a hound, launch a free battle, launch a mission against the CPU AI (you squad against the CPU AI). There are dozens of maps from three different regions; Tarakia, Morskoj and Sal Kar. The squad picks allegiance to one of these regions and fights in support of them. You end up fighting the other two regions, either against the CPU AI or other human players who happen to be in the same map.

From the online squad lobby you can also build a hound. There are hundreds of parts to choose from; cockpit, generator, heavy arms, light arms, spacers, network area maker, mobility base and assist parts. There are parameters you must meet to build a successful hound, such as weight limits for the mobility bases. These can be different leg types (two-leg, reverse or inverse), wheels, hover craft, and treads. You have to have the correct size and output power generator for the parts on the hound. You select ammo for the guns, cannons, sniper weapons, etc., either kinetic, incendiary or chemical energy based.

You rank up as you progress in the game, both from a squad and indiviual player perspective. It keeps you going back for more. The AI adjust their skill level to match your advancing squad.

The graphics are outstanding, down to the hydraulics on the various parts, shadows, dust, rain, snow, etc.

Is anybody else in AA-land playing this game? If so, what do you think?

Our squad is "Resynch". There are 3 of us at the moment in the squad.


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I need to check if there is

I need to check if there is a Demo out for that game to try it out first. Might buy it if it ticks all the right boxes. I am still battling my way through Gears of War. Don't have too much time to play games on the 360, as you can see by my gamerscore.
I have been clocking in quite a bit of time on the DS the past weeks actually.
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