Sega Genesis + 90's Cheese = The New Adventures of Captain S

Captain S uses the rare Sega Mouse!Captain S uses the rare Sega Mouse! While Internet only TV shows are common, it is rare to see ones devoted to the gaming crowd. One of the more amusing ones is The New Adventures of Captain S, a parody of the Captain N cartoon combined with the cheesiness of 90's sitcoms.

The plot involves Chad Belmont discovering he has the power to be sucked into his Sega Genesis in order to fight his evil nemesis, NES. Only 3 episodes have been produced so far, but the best by far is the most recent one, All's Fair in Love and Sega.

Anyone else find this worth 5 minutes of your time?

All's Fair in Love and Sega -- The New Adventures of Captain S


Rob Daviau
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Joined: 05/19/2006
Heh! Cheesy good wholesome

Heh! Cheesy good wholesome fun! Very silly, just watched 1st episode so far, the sad
thing is I will watch the rest and enjoy it more then any of the "reality" crap so
popular on TV these days! Honestly Cabl TV is just for the wife, I am entertained
enough with DVDs and the internet. Good find, been to Screw Attack but likely would have
overlooked this, thanks for the heads up.


Oldschool games, some people just don't "get it"...

Matt Barton
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I agree. This is great

I agree. This is great entertainment for folks who get all the references and were watching shows like Charles in Charge and Saved by the Bell back in the day. They've really got that naive simplicity thing down pat! I think the funniest part is when the NES dudes show up and punch Captain S in the hallway at school. Lol.

Good find, Mat!


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