Intellivision Fans - We Need to Rally!!!

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Bill Loguidice
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Chad is thinking of canceling the "Cuttle Cart 3" - a much needed multi-cart/flash cart/dev tool for the Intellivision, due to minor glitches. He's concerned that those minor glitches are not compatible with the $150 price. Send him a note and tell him otherwise. The full story is on his Website at the link above!

Here's what I wrote to him:

I agree with other comments about power up issues being inherent to the hardware. It doesn't matter if I use Mattel (I or II), Tandy or INTV systems, I sometimes don't get a good bootup, even with a cleaned cartridge. It's frustrating, but nothing most Intellivision users aren't used to. Your device is absolutely critical for this community and I urge you to release it. I NEVER buy something like this at $150, but in this case, I feel I have no choice considering the hardware. Thanks!

-Bill Loguidice, Armchair Arcade