starting a games arcade

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hi guys,
I want to start a games arcade center where kids and teenagers can come and play popular video games. What do i need to setup one?

Matt Barton
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If you're serious about

If you're serious about asking for advice, you need to provide much more detail. What exactly do you have in mind, and where would you put it? How much capital are you willing to invest? Seems like you haven't really thought about this too much.

mrCustard (not verified)
But is it viable? There's a

But is it viable? There's a reason the arcade business is in decline. Kids and teenagers don't want to play arcade games. They want to play FPSses and MMORPGS over the net.

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Bill Loguidice
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Were you the one who had

Were you the one who had sent us an e-mail about six months back? An e-mail that we responded to?

There are plenty of suppliers out there of redemption games for commercial or non-commercial (no quarters required) use. All you need is the space and the money. Used games can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. New games tend to run in the low thousands. Non-commercial use systems range in price.

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