PlayStation 2 Best-selling US Console for December 2006

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Bill Loguidice
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Kind of pathetic, actually. I would have been interested to have seen the numbers for Xbox and GameCube. I bet the latter was particularly weak. I'd like to see the handheld figures as well. No doubt the DS did dominatingly well, but I'm sure the PSP sold a bunch too.

Obviously the 360 was a fairly close second, with the Wii in third and the PS3 in fourth. The best-selling game for the month was Gears of War (Xbox 360), followed by Guitar Hero (PS2) and Madden (Multi).

Michael McCourt
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I camped out and stood

I camped out and stood inline for five hours to get Playstation 2. Turns out I was in the line for Playstation 3! Boy was my face red!

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