Check out the HYDRA, Game Console Starter Kit, XGS Systems, and the new Game Console Course

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It may not be immediately clear what the XGameStation team offers, but they've been creating tremendous proprietary kit systems for a few years now that help interested hobbyists learn game hardware ins-and-outs and programming ins-and-outs from the ground up. Obviously this hearkens back to the old days when we really knew the architectures of our old 8-bit systems and could really maximize their performance if we were so inclined (and talented). Definitely check these folks and their many offerings out.

XGameStation Mailing List: Xmas is almost here: check out the HYDRA, Game Console Starter Kit, XGS Systems, and our new Game Console Course!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A lot is happening with, check out the latest releases below!

News Release

Its taken 15 months, but finally the HYDRA Game Console is complete. The HYDRA is based on the Parallax Propeller chip which is an 8-core multiprocessing chip. Multiprocessing and multicore architectures are the current direction all computing is going. Moore's law has almost reached its limits in size and speed with the silicon process, thus parallel architectures are going to be more and more important. With the HYDRA you can jump start both your video game development and multiprocessing skills. The HYDRA is not only a console, but a complete kit. Visit the XGameStation site to find out more:

HYDRA Game Development Kit

News Release

The new "Game Console Starter Kit" is now available. This kit comes with everything you need to get up and running and build your own game console from the ground up. Included all parts, PCB, and even a soldering iron! Visit the XGameStation site to find out more:

Game Console Starter Kit

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The XGS Pico Edition 2.0 includes both the Pico 1.0 and a complete PCB and parts to permanently solder your creation for total mobility.

XGS Pico Edition 2.0

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The world's first game console development course is being hosted by The course developed by Nurve Networks LLC in association with, the world's #1 online game development college is proud to bring you a 12 week crash course on console game development. Visit the site to find out more:

Game Console Design Course

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