NES Game goes for $5100 on Ebay!

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What's the most collectible of all NES cartridges? Perhaps it's Nintendo World Championships 1990 Gold, an extremely rare game that was given out as official prizes. According to the auction page, there were only 26 gold editions, and only 90 "gray" editions. In short, the rarity combined with the pride associated with acquiring one make for a very hot collectible! What this raises for me are questions about what really makes old software valuable. Clearly, a sell like this illustrates the sort of "aura" that you could never experience via emulation.


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I guess "aura" is a good way

I guess "aura" is a good way to put it. It often distinguishes what I specifically go after when deciding whether to try and procure old videogame or computer software. Usually there's something distinctive about the product or packaging. If there's really nothing to it, then it's not that important to me and I can be satisfied with it either in a loose form or via emulation or transfer to the real system. I think the same holds true for a lot of collectors.

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