The Most Dangerous Toys of All Time

Matt Barton's picture

A site called Radar Online has a hilarious, must-see feature up called Pray for Coal: The most dangerous toys of all time. If you're worried about getting your tyke an unsafe toy for Christmas this year, maybe you should consider how safer things have gotten since the days of the "Atomic Energy Lab" (includes radioactive materials) and the "Johnny Reb Cannon." It's a great article with lots of pics and clever writing.

Of course, any toy--indeed, any object--can be dangerous if a kid is clever but foolish. How many kids poke their eyes out with pencils every year? Fashioned a shiv from a Slinky? Or bludgeoned someone to brain damage by a well-struck "softball?" And you can always tear off a hunk of a Nerf toy and choke to death on it. Heck, I bet more kids have hurt themselves jumping off a bed (after fashioning a quick Superman cape from a blanket) than any of these toys.