Matt's Weekly Retro Link Trawl & Shameless Gift Grubbing

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I realize that most fans of Armchair Arcade appreciate in-depth editorials and feature articles, but sometimes it's fun just to see what's going on in other sectors of cyberspace. It's also a good idea to start thinking about gifts for the holidays (if you haven't already), especially for those "special someones" who write great blog posts for you to read each week!

My favorite link this week is Kevin Gifford's Game Mag Weaseling, which offers us a very intriguing and factoid-filled look at the dawn of computer magazine history. If you're heard about magazines like 73, Byte, Run, and so on, you'll be drawn to this article like a cafeteria lady to a Nike hairnet. I had no idea that the rivalry between the "big" mags was so vicious (and local!) NES fans might also enjoy this Saturday Scan from Error Macro, which features coverage of the 1990 Nintendo "Power Fest." Funny!

I also have a few ideas for Christmas (or Kwanzaa shoppers!). Check out the USB Rocket Launcher, which you can use to blast your office neighbor (or man-child) from a distance of over six meters. By the way, if you haven't heard of ThinkGeek, head over to their site for a dazzling array of geek-centric merchandise. I've ordered from them several times and have always been pleased with my items! (Last year I got the Zombie Survival Guide and absolutely loved it). Gizmos for Geeks also has a cool mirco RC helicopter that looks awesome. I also think this watch with a built-in radiation detector is pretty cool, particularly in conjunction with a good survival handbook! If you're looking for a way to display your e-comics (see my earlier post), you might also want a Mini Tablet PC. This one looks pretty slick (check out the video).

By the way guys, here's my Christmas wish list. If my posts on this site (and others!) make you happy, how about indulging me a bit with some groovy gifts? Check out the list below and please feel free to send me one! I'll definitely appreciate it!
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If you know you're going to be adding to your console collection, you might want to check out this gamer's cabinet. It's a classy, almost living-room acceptable way to store your gear. I'm wondering--what is the total number of consoles and/or tv-friendly computers you've had connected to your TV at any one time?

I also have a fun, free vector-remake of Choplifter called Saucelifter from the same guy who did the Fargoal remake (mentioned in my Fargoal review).

For Christmas kicks, be sure to check out Mythbusters Mentos-powered Holiday Rube-Goldberg machine. It's hilarious! Don't miss it.

Ooh, what's that link down there? ;-)

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