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Just thought I'd post my experiences with cables and consoles. We in PAL land have a plethora of problems getting consoles to behave themselves sometimes.

My PS2 would not work at 60Hz (most PAL PS2 games have a 50/60 Hz option) even through my RGB SCART socket. The fix? I had a composite cable - so I replaced it with a RGB SCART lead and my games now work at 60Hz. Odd. Why ? Because my Gamecube works at 60Hz through a composite cable...more on that later.

Bubble Bobble in Taito Legends at 50Hz is atrocious - the music plays too slow. This was one of the main reasons for me getting off by butt and sorting the problem out! (Not wanting to play Gradius V at 60Hz seemingly!!).

Most GC games also offer a 50/60Hz option. My GC now has a sparkly new RGB cable - and while the games will also work at 60Hz via composite there is a definite improvement with this lead. However.....

I tried this lead with my N64 and SNES - no dice. Got sound only when using the RGB SCART socket - had to use the 2nd SCART socket on the TV and then there was no real change in image quality from the using a composite cable. Ho Hum.

However....I have since got a S-Video lead. Now that makes both the N64 and SNES games look great. My SNES has the region lock disabled and has a 60Hz switch so my SNES games look especially good. Most N64 games look a great deal better (was playing Majora's Mask last night and it looked good. Rayman 2 on N64 is stunning) but some have not aged well at all and look just as bad through S-Video!

My Dreamcast works beautifully via an RGB SCART (the Dreamcast was the 1st PAL console to offer 50/60Hz options in some of its games). Outrunner is another stunner.

My Saturn also works well via an RGB SCART but I'm on the lookout for an import console.

So in summary:

PS2 and GC : use RGB SCART cable connected to a RGB SCART socket
N64, SNES : use S-Video
Saturn : get an NTSC machine!

Mark Vergeer
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my cables....

PS2 uses a RGB scart cable
Xbox uses a RGB scart cable
X360 not connected to a TV right now, it's running on a VGA cable because that's the only way I can enjoy something close to HD.
DC uses Svideo in
N64 uses composite video
GC uses composite video
SNES and Famicom use RF, as does my GENESIS -> need cables, don't know where to get them
Saturn uses a RGB scart cable -> I do have a lot of PAL releases (nearly all of them, in the package deal when I got my Saturn 2nd hand). I do have a cartridge that allows booting NTSC/JAP-NTSC games.

For my nintendo machines I need some better cables, suggestions DavyK?
Also my genesis/megadrive is in need of a better connection...

-= Mark Vergeer - Armchair Arcade editor =-


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