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Mark Vergeer
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Don't quite know what to make of this. But I tought I'd share it with you....

David Torre
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Absolutely amazing. It's a

Absolutely amazing. It's a new genre for sure. I call it a prototypical gaming creativity engine: a game based around constantly introducing you to new control methods. The game consists of two phases. The first phase is introducing a new control concept (a way to position or hold the controller). The second phase is demonstrating how that concept works in a game. The challenge is switching between each input method rapidly. There's absolutely NOTHING like it - not even in other Wario Ware games.

The game is just as much for developers as it is for players - the goal of course is to give developers ideas, and as with the DS, the developers will start using these ideas in new games, hence the creativity engine part. The closest corollary I can think of is having a dozen different devices attached to the same console: flight joysticks, spinners, dpads, steering wheels, fishing controllers, lightguns, and traditional controllers, and having to switch between these different controllers on the fly, which of course is impractical. The Wii Remote makes such a game concept practical, as it is a merging of practically all special input controllers.

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I fear the spoilers.

First off, just to make sure everyone is on the same page, this is Wario Ware: Smooth Moves for the Wii.

I only watched the first movie and had a lot of fun trying to figure out how I thought the games were supposed to work. I'm a little afraid that if I watched all of them, I'd know too much and not have the joy of discovering them when I play the game.

That said, I'm really tempted to watch the one that shows classic Nintendo games as the folks at Kotaku were going full-on bananas over it. (For reasons unknown to me, Kotaku later pulled the video.) Many of them were saying they needed to get a Wii based on that video. I'm very curious to see what could convince people to get a Wii who apparently weren't already convinced by any of the other minigame collections or Twilight Princess.

But I'd rather find out for myself... *twitch* *twitch* *must know*

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