Does anyone play online Arcades?

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Even though online arcades aren't as good as the real deal, sometimes at work I have to play some good old classic games and go and put the work down!

Does anyone play here?

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I used to..

I used to play online arcade games via the PC, but since getting ahold of my Xbox 360 I haven't done much else with the PC except for reading email, researching stuff, and visiting here. I'll check out the blitzgamer site though....thanks for the link!

Mark Vergeer
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Not yet....thanks for the link

Not yet, but thanks for the link. It's always handy to have some games at hand through the net. Especially during slow nightshifts waiting for patients in my case. I editor I was so bold to put www. in front of your site reference. Our system automatically creates a link to that site btw.

-= Mark Vergeer - Armchair Arcade editor =-


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