Latest Updates for ZX81/Sinclair/Timex 1000 Enthusiasts

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Timex Sinclair 1000Andre' brings us his regular updates for ZX81/Sinclair/Timex 1000 users:

What's new ?

NEW emulator for the ZX81! The emulator PSPZX81 v1.0.2 for the
Sony PSP machine is available at Welcome PSP owners to the world
of the Sinclair ZX81 and the Timex/Sinclair TS1000.

NEW program project from Stafford White, "QUI VIVE", a beta copy
is running. Watch for the arrival of this new game on Stafford's NEW
web site

NEW program project from XAVSNAP, "TRAIN" a machine language
arcade game. You have to cross the USA from New-York to San-
Francisco. Stunning graphics. Again a beta copy is running. Watch for
it at "".

"IN BETWEEN", the NEW program from ANDRE*** will be available in
December at I bet ... you can't stop

An enhanced version of "IN BETWEEN" by XAVSNAP will be available

Goodby(t)e, ANDRE***