7 Tiny Gadgets You'll Probably Lose

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Bill Loguidice
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Matt Barton
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The cube

I agree; this is a very cool post. I would love to have one of those cubes. It reminds me of the tiny guitar amps that are loud enough to be heard across a noisy room.

I think it'd be a good thing to have around in case your computer suddenly went to toast one morning. Just plug that baby in, and at least you can still surf the net and the like. It's not very powerful, but definitely has enough juice to run many useful applications and probably even some older games.

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Nice Link

The tiny revolver and the computer cube are pretty neat. I can see kids around the world getting ahold of the revolver and putting out eyes, or imagine some criminal holding up a bank with a gun the size of the end of my little finger!! All we need now for the computer cube is a functional, tiny, high-res monitor. How do people find the time to do this?


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