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General Comments - ALL Please Read and Comment on Each of the 11 Points as Applicable

Please, let's all discuss these and act on them where appropriate, or disagree or offer a different suggestion, as appropriate.

1 - I like "The Gurus of Gaming" that shows up after Armchair Arcade on top of browser windows. Good job thinking of that. The only criticism I can possibly make against the top logo banner as it is now with the logo and the arcade controls image is that it's perhaps a bit too long from top to bottom, but I'm not sure if that's adjustable. I'd like to see it about 15% shorter top-down, as right now it takes up a bit too much real estate for optimal reading purposes in my opinion.

2a - I love the current Armchair Arcade logo that Seb did, but I really think before soft launch one of us should do it over from scratch. I want everything "invented" by us, those here now. Seb generously gave it to us for all perpetuity, but as we move into other ventures, we're better off doing everything in-house as it were. I would love to take some time to do it, but doubt I'll have the time. Perhaps Elizabeth can do it? The only requirement would be to have it as an infinitely scalable vector image.

2b - Is Elizabeth working on any graphics, Matt? You had mentioned she was dabbling with some stuff, but I'm not sure what the current status is or where we'd be able to use them. I love the idea of making the new AA as visually interesting as possible.

3 - I think under the Armchair Arcade logo - or preferably incorporated into the new one - we really must have our sub-heading of "Videogames and Computers". That's the only way to really stress what we encompass.

4 - Go to "Administer" and "categories": and "add term" and start adding terms you think should be included that are not already there. We can schedule a few days in the coming weeks to weed out the bad ones or decide on a structure we prefer. Of course we can always add at a later date, but planning ahead will make things easier.

5 - I went through the site and tweaked a few things here and there. Nothing major. I'm not skilled enough to do much more, but then much more doesn't need doing. Great work, Matt.

6 - We need to decide what to do with our online store that sells shirts and mugs and what-not. It's a sales failure, but that could be due to lack of new stuff at Armchair Arcade. I'd love to see us re-vamp the product line and use new images in new ways. I personally think we should keep it going, but I'd be all for leaving it simply linked back at the old site. By the way, DreamAuthentics was interested in giving their customers a free merchandise voucher for our store, they liked the products so much. So there's probably SOME value there.

7 - We need to decide which advertisements to continue with, if any. Google Ads, since inception, has brought in well over $100. The RGT Light Gun ad has brought in over $50. PlayFirst is worthless and should be discontinued. In any case, like the online store, the relationships need some tweaking regardless.

8 - We need to implement the current game offerings on Neo, or put on new ones. The only requirement is that it's free for us, little to no advertisement-driven, and MUST retain a high score (it's what keeps people coming back). I was surprised at how much the games have meant to people and it's part of what got us the "Best Site of 2005" award from PC Magazine.

9 - We need to retain some of our existing links in some form. We have several key relationships that I feel we need to maintain with reciprocal links, like with Grrlgamer, AtariAge, ClassicGaming, Digital Press, etc. They always give us good press/referalls and we need to maintain that going forward. We can definitely cull quite a bit out though.

10 - System Matrix - I don't care about this right now. My book is another six to eigth months away from completion. When I get closer, we'll figure out how to create a full-featured museum quality showcase for US-based systems.

11 - I will follow this with a suggested timeline.


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