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Domain Names

I agree with you 100%, Bill. My only question is, what are we going to do with the domain names? I would think we wouldn't want to resolve to the old site and require the /neo to come here. It'd probably make more since to resolve the old site to or some such and have the old url resolve here.

I tried my best to keep down the hard-linking at the old site (relative links will still work even with the domain name change). Going forward, we should always think about this--for instance, if I wanted to link to a blog here, I would use node/5 as the URL rather than Both will work, but the first makes moving much, much easier.

I think we should look into "freezing" the old site and making it available as static HTML pages. I'll have to do more research to figure out how this could be done, but it should be possible.

Another option would be to port over the articles and leave the rest as-is. We can duplicate the games here. I haven't looked at the matrix yet.



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