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That would explain some

That would explain some things, The mouse control is a bit eratic i thought, it feels almost like its got some issues. I chalked them up to dosbox and win7 but it may have just been the way it played. its still on my machine with about 3-4 hours into my replay after matts Chat about. I just am to scatter shot nowdays to finish stuff. And with so much cool TV to catch up on (Dresden files, Wharehouse 13, etc.. ) that i have missed in hte last 20 + years.. To just a few months ago I had only seen the X-Files moveis and 2 of the TV shows ( and one was the banned one.. which while highly entertaining and twisted.. kinda was not one to judge the show on).. after watching a few.. now I gotta watch um all.. Who says adults dont play Pokeman.. I just gotta watch all the tTV shows.. Fringe, Burn Notice, New Dr Who's (half through these), Stargate ( love hate..its almost good enouhg to hook me, but it alwasy seem to just be enouhg I cant really get "into" it).. and about 20+ more.. I'm behind in Dexter by 2 seasons ( and I love that show) and Walking Dead ( while not as good as teh comic) is pretty great. and games.. I just simply cant imagine how you people with lives do it.. if it talked family onto my day.. hack.. if i got 1-2 hours a week in gaming i would be lucky..


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