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clok1966 wrote:

As for Darklands.. EXCELLENT choice high learning curve and frustrating to start as you need to sorta "go your own way" to start.. no clear cut questing , back alley patrols and such. But once you get in a bit, very good game. I honestly think it holds up very well graphics aside and while hte interface is no winner, its clearly good enough and not painful like many old ones are.

In reading the manual, what I find interesting is the obvious frustration the devs (and whoever wrote the manual) must have had with trying to accommodate relatively early mouse-based controls, while still needing to have everything controlled with the keyboard, since, unlike today, you couldn't assume that everyone would have a mouse. In fact, the mouse doesn't even control 100% of everything to show how one foot in/one foot out the design was no doubt required to be...



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