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I have put seveal manuals (and hint maps) on my Kindle just this way and its not to bad. I can see the IPAD and color enhancing it. I think on Jan 1st we need to start a GAME PLAYED thread.. ONLY put completed games in it (maybe keep some lose idea of time invested) and see who can waste the most time by end of the comming year.. for no reason other then fun.. as some of you have far to busy lives to compete with us slackers :) of course.. eh. seing i wasted 3/4 of my free time in games in ayear from now might be slighlty depressing :) one mans fun is anotehr mans waste of time, its all relative.

As for Darklands.. EXCELLENT choice high learning curve and frustrating to start as you need to sorta "go your own way" to start.. no clear cut questing , back alley patrols and such. But once you get in a bit, very good game. I honestly think it holds up very well graphics aside and while hte interface is no winner, its clearly good enough and not painful like many old ones are.


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