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Hunted: The Demon's Forge will Suck

Ah, it's Tuesday, May 24th. Weather: unpleasant. News: funny, unless you were looking forward to Shunted: The Demon's Hemorrhoid. Let's go:

I guess you've probably heard by now that Duke Nukem Forever has gone gold. There's already a disclaimer: "Slow down, guy, the game's not out yet." I bet those folks who pre-ordered this back in 1975 are really glad it's finally rumored to almost be coming out eventually. The producers have a vision, though--if they can just stretch it out to October 21st, it won't matter anyway.

I know a lot of you folks are into e-readers. Barnes & Noble has just announced their new touch-enabled Nook for $139. It has 37 fewer buttons than the Kindle 3 and will let you use Facebook to brag to your friends that you just read a whole book for real on your Nook. After that, you can store it in a box in the closet. Who'd rather read than play Angry Birds--apparently, not even professional physicists, who have determined that the springs are unrealistic. Whew!!! I'm so glad that's finally resolved. Good job, physics!

Over at Gamasutra, Greg Costikyan has a great article called Unsocial 'Social Games', where he laments the current state of social gaming and how it doesn't exploit the social aspects that made games like M.U.L.E. so much fun back in the day (and yes, he does use that game in his article!). I have to note, though, that multiplayer isn't always fun. It depends so much on who you're playing with, and whether they have any stake in making you enjoy the experience. From what I've experienced playing WOW, most people don't give a damn. That's a far, far cry from playing M.U.L.E. with your family and friends. Artificially stupid enemies or not, at least the cleric never dropped my party after a wipe. Damnit, Sherry Turkle is right--I care more for my AI-driven characters than the arseholes I meet on WOW! Now I just need to do some serious brooding on this in a public place with lots of hot babes.

Anyone have doubts that Hunted: The Demon's Forge is going to suck? Just read this awful interview with Matt Findley. Here's the line that really kills me: "Well, you know, we analyzed the long history of video games. I think these games always wanted to be action games at their heart. I think all those old turn-based games, it's just that's all the technology would allow." Ugh, ugh, ugh. Ugh. Ugh. It's okay, Matt. I'm sure Hunted will be a wonderful game...for us to take turns pooping on!


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