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Castlevania Thrash Metal Live

It seems like more and more amateur bands are doing covers and re-imaginings of classic computer and videogame themes. The latest such band gaining some attention is The Minibosses, a Phoenix act that has even made it on on NPR. The Minibosses specialize in Nintendo classics. What a perfect blend of dark and dork: Heavy metal versions of 8-bit tunes! I'm in heaven--or, Valhalla, at least.

My favorite game cover band is Press Play On Tape, a group from Copenhagen that do some pretty outstanding C-64 tunes. If you haven't seen their fabulous Boy Band Video, do yourself a favor and check it out now!

Finally, as long as I'm plugging great videogame-related bands, I have to mention the C64 Mafia, whose tune Don't Go Walking Slow in Forbidden Forest deserves repeat-play on your WinAmp!

By the way, both C64 Mafia and PPoP were on Back in Time Live last year. You can still Pick up the DVD here, which, among other things, features Rob Hubbard doing some of his pieces in a classical fashion. Well, he's not on a grand piano, but his keyboard comes close.

Via Kotaku.


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