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iPad - trying to love it, but I can't...
Chris Kennedy wrote:

They actually showed a docking station with a keyboard during Apple's event earlier today.

All this stuff adds up. Many people are pointing out its lack of ability to multitask. I hope I can safely *assume* that they will eventually add multitasking to the OS, and this device is in its infancy.

Many of the editorials are negative right now. Very interesting...

Interesting about the dock, I had not seen it until your link. At first I was like, "where's the mouse?", but I suppose you're still expected to touch the screen to serve the "pointing" function. That will also be something of an adjustment, and one I'm not sure is 100% effective since there's a certain efficiency with keeping your hands to the mouse/keyboard paradigm. I have a touch screen PC desktop as my main system at home and I only rarely touch it, sticking to the mouse and keyboard, though of course the OS is designed around the latter paradigm, not the former.

I'm trying very, very hard to like this iPad and see all the positives, particularly since I LOVE my iPhone, but I have to agree with the other pundits out there who are down on the device right now.

Multi-tasking is not a big deal on the iPhone, but indeed, something that's meant to be used as more of a computer, it is indeed an issue. The only multi-tasking I can do on the iPhone is is when I'm on a call I can open up one more app. There is NO REASON why the iPad, with its increased technical beef can't multi-task, it simply has to be a deficiency of the OS.

Also, there's one other thing that bugs me and perhaps I just don't see it at the moment... There's no ability to video conference on this thing, right? Even the humblest netbook has a Webcam built right in, and it's still cheaper than the iPad. Again, I'm trying to get on board with this iPad thing being the technical slave that I am, I but I'm really, really struggling here...

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