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Clean Install

There is nothing quite like a fresh install. It's like taking a shower after going camping for the weekend. Ahhhh!

I am dual-booting Windows Vista and 7 on my primary machine. All the laptops run XP. I was one of those people that didn't have any problems with Vista, and Windows 7 didn't appear to offer that much of a change in speed. Still, I suppose I am looking forward to picking up 7, doing a wipe of both OSes currently installed, and then finally putting on an official copy of 7.

I remember reading about the "family license" that allows three installs of Windows 7 inside of one's family, however I am unaware of the pricing. Perhaps it would be helpful for multiple installs? Then may simply be Microsoft charging you the same thing that they would for three physical copies of the OS and only giving you a single copy.



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