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I already ordered two

I already ordered two upgrade copies off of Amazon for $50 each when there was that small window that retailers were doing so. That should arrive at the very end of this month. Of course those are not the "Ultimate" versions with the Windows XP virtualization mode. I really have only two main systems, my laptop and my wife's. Both of those will naturally go from the Windows 7 RC to a clean install of Windows 7. Most likely mine will get Ultimate and Christina's will get the regular upgrade. I'm still torn about building a cheap gaming rig and putting Windows 7 on that, though I'm probably just fine with my Pentium 4 Dell as a gaming PC if I don't run the games at a high setting. I'll definitely have to do some experiments, but worst case - if you want to call it that - I'll just sell one of the Amazon copies of Windows 7.

I'm looking forward to setting aside time to install Windows 7 , because both our systems could really use clean installs. I even bought a new 320GB 7200RPM hard drive for my laptop to replace the old 80GB 7200RPM that's in it right now. This way I can transition without worry of having to pull stuff from a backup.

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