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Mark Vergeer wrote:

My windows mobile 5 phone looks pretty similar, the no-touch screen is no biggy except that quite a lot of software requires a functioning touch screen. Make sure you only use windows mobile software on this device. Windows mobile 6.0 sure looks a lot nicer than the 5.0 I got on mine.

Yeah, I'll be interested in seeing what's different between 5.0 and 6.0 myself. I actually use the touch screen quite a bit (often with my finger) and have overall liked the Cingular 8125 from HTC, but it's had some annoying issues over the years via a combination of the hardware and the software. I've had to do some incredible troubleshooting on the thing with lots of Internet legwork to find unusual repairs. Two of the most annoying were having to resurrect the battery by applying voltage from two wires from a stripped USB cable, and a persistent alarm bug (I use the device to wake me up every morning), that I finally resolved through a combination of third party (paid) software and proper timing (flushing data right after the stuck alarm hits). Hopefully my experiences with 6.0 and the Samsung device will not be quite so eventful.

Ironically, software-wise, there's may be more software that takes advantage of the devices that don't have touch-screens than the ones that do. We'll see. Certainly some software that I've bought will work fine with the new devices, and others won't. Free stuff too. At the very least, having a JVM with this device should open up more typical cell phone software, particularly games, to me. I actually wouldn't mind finally getting Civilization for my cell phone - something that wasn't possible before but might be now if I can find it (I'm also bidding on the N-Gage-specific version). At the very least, a casual search does reveal lots of game options outside of the standard WM 5.0/6.0 realm...

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