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Bill Loguidice
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Replaced this sucker...

Well, almost at the full two year mark, my wife and I each got the Samsung Blackjack II Smartphones running Windows Mobile 6.0:

This replaces my Windows Mobile 5.0 Cingular 8125 and Christina's Motorola Razr. The big change for me is to go from a full screen to a more standard smaller screen, have the keypad always out and have access to the much higher speed 3G network for Web and e-mail stuff. On the downside is the fact that I'm going ffrom a touch screen to no touch screen. However, it was a good deal and I believe should provide me with every function that I actually used on the other phone, with a nicer form factor and higher speed network (sometimes being able to top out at around 900kbps versus around 100kpbs)...

It should arrive and be fully operational sometime next week...

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